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Lone Island Hydropower Project

Lone Island Hydropower Project

Project name :Promoting renewable energy through small hydropower to create sustainable energy security in community of Lone Island, Phuket

Date / Month / Year


Received information/Progress

25 October 2012

First field visit to collect baseline data in Lone Island community

Data from the survey provides basic information such as age, gender, occupation, education population, including the use of electrical appliances in households. Data also shows the level of understanding in the use of water to generate electricity.

8 December 2012

2nd field visit to explore the route for construction of the dam

Information on the construction of dams and pipelines including the capacity of the catchment of the dam

14 December 2012

3rd visit to the area to educate the villagers about clean energy and brainstorming to prepare a community strategy

1. The villagers understand the purpose of the project.
2. Group the villagers to brainstorm ideas to create mind maps and clearly identify the strategies to manage this project

22 January 2013

4th times visit the area to monitor the progress of the building the dam

1. Construction of dams: 100 % completed .
2. Construction of pipelines: Not started
3. Construction of power generation system: No started