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AMTEC center of TE organized Baba Life Photo @Phuket



     Faculty of Technology and Environment held a marathon photo shooting contest with the topic of "Baba Life Photo @Phuket" under the concept " Colorful dress of Baba lady, the living past" in collaboration with Phuket City Municipality, Phuket Old Town Community, Animation and Multimedia Technology Center, Faculty of Technology and Environment,Faculty of International Studies Prince of Songkla University, and Canon Marketing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. The event targeted amateur photographers of 50 - 100 people and aimed to provide opportunities for exchange of knowledge and experience about fashion photography among young amateurs as well as to create awareness and promote the culture of Baba dresses in Phuket for the residents and wider public.

Results of the project are:

  1. There were 215 participants with 115 submissions of photos which exceeded the target of 100 people.
  2. The contest facebook fanpage was visited by more than 20,000 peopl during the week of the competition, this created a huge community that can be used to continue activities.
  3. The winning of student category was a software engineering student Mr. Thawut Pikampol who received an honorable plague from the Governor and the President of Peranakan Association.
  4. All works were displayed in “Relive the Past, Thalang Road” during 15-17 February 2013.

To view more pictures,  Facebook : Baba Life Photo at Phuket